Collection & delivery

We offer a free* collection & delivery service direct to your home or office.



In instances where you may be away from home when we call, we pre-arrange a point of collection. In our business, it is a common practice to collect from a neighbour, workplace or an agreed part of your property - e.g. garage or porch. Alternatively, you may wish to provide us with a key like many of our clients already do, having come to trust the ethical, personal nature of our service.
We provide special baskets, which the driver will ask you to put your laundry in on collection. Your ironing will be returned either folded in the basket or on hangers.
We will happily see you on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly basis or when it just gets too much.





We always prefer to return your ironing to you personally. Should this not be possible then, we will return it to the point of collection, ready for you when you get back home. If it is normal practice for you not to be at home, then we will advise you of the amount due, so that payment can be put aside for us to collect, from an agreed safe place. Payment is by cash or check on delivery.


* Subject to a minimum order of £20